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The Compliance Program is a part of the routine operations of all CFMG corporate functions. CFMG endeavors to communicate to all personnel the intent to comply with all applicable laws. 

Overall responsibility for operation and oversight of the Compliance Program belongs to the CFMG Board of Directors; however, the day-to-day responsibility for operation and oversight of the Compliance Program rests with the Compliance Professional, who has direct access to the CFMG Board of Directors and will make regular reports to the Board or an appropriate committee of the Board on the status of the Compliance Program. 

Should any persons have questions or uncertainties regarding compliance with applicable state or federal law, or any aspect of the Compliance Program including related policies or procedures, they should seek immediate clarification from the Compliance Professional, please email catalina.valderrama@ucsf.edu


Timely Access

Alameda Alliance for Health -- Timely Access Regulations (2019)
Alameda Alliance for Health -- Provider Appointment Availability Survey (2019)


Anthem Blue Cross -- Timely Access Regulations (2019)


California Dept of Managed Health Care: Timely Access Standards


Code of Conduct


Annual Compliance Training

CFMG General Compliance Training (2019)


California Programs Training

California Programs for Managed Medi-Cal (2019)


CFMG Managed Medi-Cal All Plan Letters

DHCS All Plan Letter Palliative Care (APL17-015)


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