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Above the Clouds

Coping with COVID-19

COVID-19 may have affected your child's physical and emotional health.

Children First Medical Group is here to help you and your family with our new Coping Campaign. We are working with ConsejoSano to craft and send messages to guide you in supporting your child's physical and emotional health.

For more information, please refer to the resources below  or talk with your child's doctor. Together, we can support your child during these turbulent times. 

To learn about our partnership with ConsejoSano, check the following link

Mother and Daughter Love

Start a Conversation with Your Child

You can help your child improve their emotional wellness by creating a space for them to safely talk about their emotions.

Watch this short clip with your child to help them establish a growth mindset about their emotional wellbeing.

Help your child make decisions and participate in activities that will bring them happiness. 

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Ways to Help Your Child

By age group

For more information, visit the CDC

Improving Your Emotional Health Can Help Your Child
Take the initiative to focus on your emotional health. Practicing healthy habits in your daily life may help your child develop those same habits.

Taking care of yourself will set an example for your children to take care of themselves. 
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