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Clinical Practice Guidelines
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
GSK notification of Annual Price Adjustment
GSK Pricing 7-1-2015
Medical Management
Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Asthma Action Plan
Asthma Control Test
Asthma Hardy Guidelines
Asthma Management Training
Asthma Medication List
Asthma NHLBI Summary
Asthma Patient Handouts
Autism M-CHAT Multiple Languages
Autism Parent Note
CCS Guide For Providers
Child Heath Advantage Brochure
Commercial PPOs
Diabetes: S21 Screening for Type 2
JABFP Article: Follow-Up and Follow-Through of Depressed
Pertussis Alert
POCKET GUIDE: Tapering Opiods for Chronic Pain
Provider Alert for San Joaquin County
Sports Med: Ankle Sprain
Sports Med: Back Pain
Sports Med: Concussions
Sports Med: Patellofemoral Stress Syndrome
Urinary Incontinence - Additional resources for parents
Urinary Incontinence - Alogrithm
Urinary Incontinence - Treating Constipation, Wetting, and UTI
Autism Developmental Screening Form
Cardiology HEALthy Heart Lab Req
Cardiology HEALthy Heart Referral
CCS Prior Authorization for Speciality Practice
CFMG Services that Need Authorization
CFMG Specialty Referral Form
Palo Alto Medical Foundation - Authorization Request
Request for Authorization
Standing Specialist Referrals - Policies and Procedures
Synagis: Prior Authorization
FAQs - General
FAQs - General
Full Application w/Instructions (A-G)
A) Application w/Instructions
B) Subscription Agreement
C) Provider Agreement
D) Physician Rules & Regulations
E) Bylaws
F) Healthplans Supplemental Forms
G) Credentialing Policy & Procedures
Claims Inquiry Form
Medi-Cal Claims Tip Sheet
Pediatric Immun FAQs (IA Codes) 2011
Affordable Care Act Update Section 1157 (Non-Discrimination)
Cultural and Linguistic Interpreter Services
General Compliance Training 2019


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